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Twinning projects

In Latvia the administration of Twinning projects financed under European Union PHARE funds was launched by the European Commission in 1998. The main idea of Twinning projects is to strengthen institutional capacity of public administration working in close co-operation with experts from EU Member States establishing partnership between different countries.

The main goal is to provide effective implementation of acquis communautaire in the new EU Member States.

As of 2004, taking into consideration the necessity to arrange the state administration executive of the new Member States, Twinning projects are supported and financed in the framework of the EU program Transition Facility.

Twinning projects are divided into Twinning and Twinning Light projects:

  • Twinning projects are foreseen for dealing with state priority, administrative and legislation issues of greater scale; and the implementation period of the project is at least 12 months;
  • Twinning Light projects are small scale projects directed to solving of definite and specific problems; and the implementation of project doesn’t exceed 8 months.

After Latvia’s accession to the EU, the state administration institutions of Latvia have a possibility to participate in Twinning and Twinning Light projects as co-operation partners.

In order to administrate the Twinning projects, Central Finance and Contracting Agency performs the following functions:

  • In the stage of project selection and evaluation (for the Twinning Light projects):
    • evaluation of Project Fiche ;
    • examination of proposal in accordance with Twinning Manual;
    • participation in the evaluation process as an observer;
    • review and approval of financial part of the evaluation report;
    • preparation of the contract and its distribution to the involved parties.
  • In the stage of contract preparation of Twinning project: consulting the involved parties on information necessary for inclusion into contract and on financial issues.
  • In the stage of Twinning contract implementation:
    • review of project report;
    • review and approval of Addendum;
    • review of Side Letter;
    • review of financial report;
    • evaluation and approval of payment requests;
    • review of final financial report.
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